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When playing in Scotland take a Caddie.

When playing in Scotland take a Caddie.

When playing in Scotland take a Caddie. For an unforgettable experience!

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The best caddie I ever had was at North Berwick in Scotland.

 I was fortunate to hire a European Tour caddie whose boss, Manuel Pinero, took the week off, and his caddie was available.  On that day, I saw what a difference a really good caddie could make in a round of golf.   I shot 68 that day.  Without the caddie, I would have scored at least 4 strokes higher.  

There are a few courses left in the USA offering caddies for hire.  As many of us agree, it’s a shame because the caddie programs of old introduce young players to the game and teach them much about life.  And put money in their pockets.  Today, electric carts replace caddies and create much more revenue for the course owners.

When playing in Scotland take a Caddie

Younger caddies are getting scarce these days.


 These caddies have great golf wisdom and an entertaining sense of humor.

Until recently, one could play golf in Scotland & Ireland and expect the assistance of an experienced caddie who knew the course, helped in club selection, read the greens well, etc. Throughout the 1990s, when playing golf in Scotland & Ireland, we were given good or excellent caddies most of the time. These caddies have great golf wisdom and an entertaining sense of humor. As we moved past 1999, we started to get the odd “bag carrier,” who was often a young person who didn’t know much about the course and had no real playing experience.

The caddies are in your employ, not the clubs.  They are independent contractors.

The Club does its best to provide the number of caddies you request in advance, but sometimes you will need to share a caddie or take a less experienced one.

Unfortunately, many great Scottish caddies have passed away, and the position isn’t of interest to many young people today. They can earn more at a job that involves electronics, for more pay and fewer hours.

The one venue you want to take a caddie would be at St. Andrews Old Course. You may have the privilege of playing it only once, and you should experience it in the best manner possible.

When playing in Scotland take a Caddie

Playing golf with caddies at St. Andrews Old Course is a treat!

I hope you get to enjoy a round at St. Andrews Old, and make sure to ask for a ‘seasoned’ caddie.

You may get lucky!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Mel Sole

Thanks for reading – When playing in Scotland take a Caddie.  If you do, you won’t regret it!

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