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When is a Golf Swing Whiff not a Whiff - Rules & Etiquette #101.

When is a Golf Swing Whiff not a Whiff – Rules & Etiquette #101.

When is a Golf Swing Whiff not a Whiff – Rules & Etiquette #101.

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A player begins his downswing to strike the ball but decides during the downswing not to strike the ball.  The player cannot stop the club before it reaches the ball but can swing intentionally over the top of the ball.  Is the player deemed to have made a stroke?

Last Weeks Quiz:

A player has to take a drop alongside a hazard. For example, he is dropping the ball onto a steep slope.  Obviously, once it hits the ground, the ball is going to roll into the hazard.  The player asks whether he can forgo the normal drop procedure and place the ball.  He is going to have to do that anyway after 2 balls have rolled into the hazard.

My question this week is can he place the ball without doing the normal 2 drops? And if not, what is the penalty if he did so? 

Last Week’s answer:

Rule 20-2c/3 says No, dropping and re-dropping are necessary to resolve any doubt about whether the ball will roll into the hazard and establish the spot at which the ball must be placed, if necessary.

Last Weeks Winner:

Congratulations to Ted Boeve of Interlochen, Michigan, who submitted the correct answer in the nick of time.  Contact us to book your free one-hour lesson, Ted.

Send your answer to melsolegolf@gmail.com as this is the only legal way of entering this competition.

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Thanks for watching – When is a Golf Swing Whiff, not a Whiff – Rules & Etiquette #101.

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