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What is the Ruling Quiz - Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #81.

What is the Ruling Quiz – Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #81.

What is the Ruling Quiz – Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #81.

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Today we are introducing something new to our Rules & Etiquette Wednesday video blog.  A Quiz!  For the next few weeks, I will be posing a rules situation. It will be up to you to send me your answer.  The first correct answer will win a 1-hour lesson.

What is the Ruling?

Player A hits his drive over the green. His partner sees a white stake over the green and tells Player A that he thinks the ball is out of bounds.  Player A then plays a provisional ball, and it comes to rest short of the green but closer to the hole than his original ball. He plays his provisional ball onto the green.  At that point, he walks behind the green to retrieve his original ball, which had been visible all along and discovered that the original ball was in bounds and that the white stake seen by his fellow competitor was not an out-of-bounds stake. Just a piece of white wood someone had discarded.  What was the ruling?

Win a 1 Hour lesson at the Mel Sole Golf School!

Decide what the ruling is and either comment below or send me an email to melsolegolf@gmail.com to win a 1-hour lesson at the Mel Sole Golf School at either the NY, SC, or NC locations. 

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Thanks for watching – What is the Ruling Quiz – Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #81.

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