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What is the "release" and how do you accomplish it?

What is the “release” and how do you accomplish it?

What is the “release” and how do you accomplish it?

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As Brian Manzella mentions in this video, the “release” is the most misunderstood word in golf!  Most amateurs don’t release the club correctly, thus slice the ball.  However, Brian and GOLF Magazine get together to explain this counter-intuitive move to make it as easy as pie!

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brian Manzella defines and explains the importance of the release in the golf swing and shows how you can copy Fred Couples’ release to improve your game.

The Normal Release.

The normal release of the golf club is the lower hand crossing over the upper hand through impact.  This allows the tow of the club to pass the heel and squares the clubface at the moment of impact.  90% of the students I teach do not manage this move correctly, so they have a tendency to slice or hit the ball off-line.  

The Handle Drag.

Brian Manzella gives the golfer an interesting drill to allow this release.  Hold the club normally in your upper hand.  Place the lower hand on the stell.  Get your lead arm just short of parallel on the backswing, and pull the handle through while hanging onto the shaft of the club.  Allow the club to slide through the lower hand as the club accelerates, allowing the wrist to turn over while creating a lot of speed!

Source: Brian Manzella   Golf.com   Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching What is the “release” and how do you accomplish it?  Hope you learned something!

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