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Wedge Launch Angle - Short game Saturday #66.

Wedge Launch Angle – Short game Saturday #66.

Wedge Launch Angle – Short game Saturday #66.

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Today we talk about the perfect launch angle for your wedge play.  A simple station setup will help you practice this important part of the short game!

According to a recent study by Dr. Rob Neal and Ted Sheftic, the perfect launch angle for a wedge shot is 25 degrees.  According to the study, all PGA Tour players have the same 25 to 30-degree launch angle whether they are hitting a 30, 40, or 50-yard pitch shot.  All the way up to a full swing!

Setting up a Practice Station.

If you set up a practice station as I did, take two pool noodles and place them about the first one about 20 inches off the ground and the second one about 40 inches above that. I used two bag stands as my two side supports. So the middle of the gap between the two noodles is 30 inches.  If I place the ball 60 inches away from my station and hit it right through the middle, I will have a launch angle of 25 degrees.  I have 10 inches, one on each upper and lower side as my margin of error.

The Technique.

Place the ball in your normal ball position and hit a shot.  Please pay attention to the ball height as it went through the station.  If the ball went through too low, play the ball slightly more forward in your stance.  If the ball went through too high, play the ball slightly further back in your stance.  Keep making these slight adjustments until you can consistently hit the ball between the two noodles. 

Once you can hit the ball consistently through the noodles, you know that your ball position is for your wedge shots.  Each person will be slightly different, but you will now become a master wedge player!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Wedge Launch Angle – Short game Saturday #66.  I did not know this!

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