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Water Hazard - Rules and Etiquette #45.

Water Hazard – Rules & Etiquette #45.

Water Hazard – Rules & Etiquette #45.

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Today we talk about a regular hazard and the procedure needed to proceed within the rules.  Knowing the rules can save you shots during your round. 

A water hazard is a body of water that is directly in front of you.  It can be a pond or a river, but you have to cross over this water to get to the green.  A lateral hazard runs down the side of the hole, and you do not necessarily have to cross it. The rules are different.

If you hit your ball in a water hazard, you have to go back (as far as you like), keeping the point where the ball crosses the margin of the hazard between you and the hole.  

There is another option.  You can play the shot from where you last played the shot that went into the hazard.  However, that option does not get used very much.

Knowing the rules can really lower your scores.  Avoiding penalties is just as important as hitting good shots.  Get yourself a book that the USGA puts out annually called “Rules and Decisions”  It is a lot easier to learn the rules by reading than trying to read a rule book!

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Thanks for watching – Water Hazard – Rules & Etiquette #45.  Now you know!

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