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Using Ground Force in the Golf Swing - Technical Thursday #60.

Using Ground Force in the Golf Swing – Technical Thursday #60.

Using Ground Force in the Golf Swing – Technical Thursday #60.

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Continuing our theme of “Power Golf,” we talk about using the ground to create power!

Every sport that requires power requires a weight shift and a body rotation: Baseball Pitcher, Discus Thrower, Javelin Thrower, and Tennis player. Today I show the practical application of this principle.

You are never going to create power with the small muscles of the body.  Hands, arms, and wrists. You must engage the big muscles of the body—thighs, Back, and Shoulders.

Learning “the squat.” 

Do this drill slowly at first and without a ball.  Go to the top of your backswing, and as you start the downswing, feel a slight squat as the weight starts to move to the front foot.  As more weight moves to the front foot, start pushing off with the inside of the rear foot.  The body will start to rise as the “thrust” takes over, using the ground to produce power.  Finally, the body rapidly rotates out of the way to allow the clubhead to travel through impact with huge velocity!  

Remember, you are doing this without a ball to perform this at home easily and the range.

Doing the Squat on the Range.

Adding a ball to the equation is not easy at first.  You will hit many topped shots until you learn to thrust the hips upward while keeping the upper body level!  This will take time.  Patience Grasshopper!

Doing the Squat on the Course.

This is even more difficult than on the range, so don’t try this on the course until you are VERY comfortable with this on the range.  You will be rewarded for your patience and hard work with a lot more power on the course.  Good job!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Using Ground Force in the Golf Swing – Technical Thursday #60.

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