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Use an alignment stick to fix wrist breakdown in chipping - Short Game #86

Use an alignment stick to fix wrist breakdown in chipping – Short Game #86

Use an alignment stick to fix wrist breakdown in chipping – Short Game #86

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The breakdown of the lead wrist in either chipping or putting will cause inconsistency in the impact position.  The loft at impact in a chip shot controls the amount of roll, depending on which club you are using. Here is a way to cure your wrist breakdown in chipping once and for all.

The Method.

Place an alignment stick at a slight angle in the ground with the top of the alignment stick level with your hands. The idea is to be able to hit your chip shot and let the back of your lead wrist hit the alignment stick.  This is giving you feedback that your wrist is not breaking down and you should notice an immediate improvement in the strike.  The ball will come off the middle of the clubface with a consistent trajectory time after time.

While working on the technique, do not select a target.  In fact, this is something you can do at home on your lawn and even indoors on the carpet. Focus on finishing in the correct position each time.  At the completion of the chipping stroke, there should still be a straight line through the lead arm and shaft.

Introduce the Target.

Using different clubs to control the roll is the final step in improving your chipping.  The Golden Rule in chipping is “Fly the ball as little as possible and roll the ball as much as possible while landing the ball on the putting surface.”  This means that you will be using a different club each time.  Here is an earlier article on which clubs give you the correct airtime/ground time ratio.

There are three reasons why chipping with a straight face club is the best method.

  1. When chipping with a 6 iron, for example, you will need a smaller backswing than say a Sand Wedge.  The smaller the backswing, the less chance of error.
  2. When chipping with a straight-faced club, the roll is more predictable.  Chipping with a Sand wedge or Lob Wedge sometimes has spin which affects the consistency of the roll.
  3. The miss-hits with a straight-faced club will finish closer to the hole than a lofted club.  Reason – the backswing is smaller, so there is less clubhead speed at impact.

Head to the range and work on all these aspects to really become a great chipper.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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Chipping out of thick rough.


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