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TRX Exercises for Golfers.

TRX Exercises for Golfers.

Today is April 5th, 2018 and we present TRX Exercises for Golfers.  Fitness Friday #82.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School headquartered at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

TRX Exercises for Golfers has become a fitness trend that is taking gyms by storm because it’s easy to use, does not require a lot of space, and works on your strength, flexibility and endurance.  Plus, the equipment is not expensive if you want to do this at home like me!  I bought my TRX System online and paid less than $100.  I use it almost every day!

Listen to what Carolina Romero aka The Fit Golfer Girl has to say about TRX. “The TRX is one of the most versatile and challenging fitness tools out there. Today I will be showing you some of my favourite golf specific TRX exercises that will translate to longer drives, more consistent shots, and fewer injuries!”

TRX Exercises for Golfers.

TRX Squat.  Push your butt back, put all the weight on the heels and squeeze the butt as you come up.  These are great for people with knee problems as it takes almost all the strain off the knees!

TRX Lunge.  Take it up a notch by using one leg at a time.  Make sure you are not using your arms too much to get back up.

Single Arm/Leg Lunge.  If you want to work your core as well as your arms and legs, this exercise allows you to do both.  It is also an anti-rotational exercise as you must keep your hips and shoulders square to the front.

TRX Side Lunge.  This targets the gluteus medius which plays a vital role in stabilization in the golf swing. Make sure you are pushing through the heel of the leg that’s coming out and squeeze the butt at the top.

Rotation Rows with Disassociation.  One of my favorite exercises for increasing rotation in the golf swing, both on the backswing and follow-through. Rotate your upper body while extending one arm towards the ground. Keep the hips as stable as possible as this helps to move the upper and lower body separately. 

TRX Golf Swings.  Get into your golf posture and swing your arms back and through while again keeping your lower body stable.  Another disassociation drill!

TRX Airplanes.  Get into your golf stance and rotate one arm at a time in opposite directions. A great stretch for the thoracic spine and chest.

Bulgarian Squats with a Twist.  For the advanced athlete try these.  With one foot in the TRX strap do a one-legged squat and twist at the bottom of the squat!  


Source: Carolina Romero   Fit Golfer Girl   Mel Sole Golf School.

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