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Tree Trouble - Course Management Wednesday #35.

Tree Trouble – Course Management Wednesday #35.

Tree Trouble – Course Management Wednesday #35.

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Today I will discuss how to manage a situation when your golf ball is near a tree.  And you can’t make a normal golf stance!

Sometimes you get those awkward lies where you cannot stand on the correct side of the golf ball to play the shot, usually against a wall and out-of-bounds fence or, in this case, a tree trunk.

Knowing how to play a backhand shot can come in very handy in a situation like this.  Recently I did a blog where I talked about playing a backhanded shot onto a green where you had to control the distance you wanted the ball to go.  In this case, I want to advance the ball as far as I can down the fairway.  So I am going to need a little more force.


By placing the grip against the forearm, I can get some leverage.  And not allow the hands to “flip” through impact, which will hit the ball off-line.

I usually use a lob or a sand wedge because those two clubs have the biggest face, giving me the largest margin for error.

Before you play the shot, calculate the direction you want to start the ball and pick a spot about 12″ in front of the ball on that line.  It would be best if you had a mark on the ground to aim the clubface.  Once you have the clubface aimed correctly, you can swing away.  A little practice on the range teaching yourself this shot will go a long way in ensuring this shot’s success on the golf course.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Tree Trouble – Course Management Wednesday #35.  After this tip, no more tree trouble!

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