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7 Keys to look for when choosing a Golf School.

7 Keys to look for when choosing a Golf School.

7 Keys to look for when choosing a Golf School.

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Are you looking for a golf school but not too sure where to start?  Here are 7 essential keys to look for when choosing a Golf School.

1. Start with reputation.

Ask other golfers to recommend an academy or find schools online rated highly by the golf industry and feature positive customer reviews.  Places like tripadvisor.com are a good place to start!

2. Check out the teachers.

At each facility. Are they PGA, LPGA, or graduates of an accredited golf career program? Do they have a minimum of 5 full years of teaching experience with all skill levels? Does the Director of Instruction have “Top Teacher” status with GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest?

7 Keys to look for when choosing a Golf School.

Director of Instruction Mel Sole demonstrates shoulder turn with the help of lead instructor David Olberding.

3. How’s the Teaching Facility?

Is there a private learning area on the practice range for golf school students only? Do students have a putting green, bunker, and chipping area? Classrooms with video analysis access, restrooms, and a chance to enjoy a little air conditioning, when needed, also indicate a quality facility.

4. Class size is critical.

Each class should contain no more than 4 students to ensure plenty of personal attention. Ideally, one Instructor only should lead the class through all aspects of the game. This promotes continuity and rapport disruption when a golfer meets a new teacher for each part of the game.

7 Keys to look for when choosing a Golf School.

A class size of more than 4 reduces individual attention!

5. Teaching Philosophy.

Ask if a specific method of instruction is taught that requires the golfer to reconstruct his/her swing completely. Or, do they assess each golfer’s unique capabilities and then build on the strength of the existing swing through sound fundamentals?

6. What technology does the academy use?

Computerized video analysis with split-screen imaging for swing comparisons is a must for the student to see and understand the improvement process. Check if clubfitting is available – many golfers are still playing with clubs that don’t fit them, and good teachers will provide help with that.

7. Last but definitely not least is affordability.

Check rates for 3-day programs for the Top 25 Golf Schools in America online. The majority charge $1200 and upwards, but a few feature rates of only half that cost. Ask if KIDS LEARN FREE when accompanied by a paying adult. Top-notch instruction should be within reach of every golfer, and we will grow the game this way.

Click below to see a list of America’s Top 25 Golf Schools.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: Mel Sole.   Jim Maggio

Thanks for reading – 7 Keys to look for when choosing a Golf School. I hope you find the right one!

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