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Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.

Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.

Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf. #6 is my favorite!

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When an inventor comes up with a new idea, they think, “I will tell everyone about my new idea, and they will all thank me for such a great invention!”   Unfortunately, not all inventions work out!  But if we didn’t get these overrated golf ideas, we would never get the great ideas.  So thank you to all the inventors/designers/swing gurus out there, and thank you to Golf Swing by Swing for bringing us such an entertaining article!

We all know the story of the emperor and his new clothes.  It is about a king who is conned into thinking that the suit of clothes he is wearing are the best thing since sliced bread. Only the “tailor” who made them hadn’t actually given him any clothes at all.  And he was walking around in his birthday suit. The thing is that everybody was frightened to tell him, so they all went along the deal.  Telling him his new clothes were fabulous. Eventually, somebody had the courage to speak up.

There are times in real life when somebody or something is held up as the person or object that is going to change our lives. The truth can be very different, as we will see…


Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.

I thought tassels were to keep the rain from entering through the laces.

What on earth were we thinking about? It was bad enough that manufacturers thought that a tassel that flapped every time you took a step was a good idea.  But much, much worse than that was the fact that millions of golfers went out and bought them, trying to convince themselves that they looked good.

Let’s get something straight.  They did not look good and they convinced all non-golfers that those of us who played the game had taken leave of our senses. And they were right!


Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.

The Chipper Why not use a 7 iron and use it like a chipper?

Come on, be honest – stick your hands up if you have ever had a chipper in your golf bag.

It was an abomination of a club.  Used in the main by people who at least had the excuse of being able to say that they didn’t know any better.  Watching people trying to get the ball over a bunker with a chipper was worth the price of the green fee on its own.

Watching them trying to escape from a bunker after they had failed to clear it had to be one of the funniest sights known to man.


Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.


Now you can call me an old-fashioned traditionalist if you want, but isn’t the point of the game to get a small ball into a small hole?

You can quote me on this.  Bobby Jones will be turning in his grave.

If you want a bigger hole, go and play basketball. If this catches on, I will run naked down the 18th fairway of the Old Course at St Andrews


Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.

An idea worth absolutely nothing!

TaylorMade told us that it was the future of golf shafts.  Thick at the grip end, and growing thinner towards the hozel. And for years, it worked.

But suddenly TaylorMade came up with a graphite shaft fitted to drivers and fairway woods that featured a bubble in the middle of the shaft.  There appeared to be no logic to it.  But millions of us went out and bought them. And then it disappeared from the market and we all wondered why we had bothered.

Check out the other  4 overrated ideas here.

Source: Golf Swing by Swing  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Golf Swing by Swing

Thanks for reading – Top 10 most overrated ideas in golf.  Crazy huh!

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