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The V helps with Rotation - Technical Thursday #71.

The V helps with Rotation – Technical Thursday #71.

The V helps with Rotation – Technical Thursday #71.

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Today we talk about a drill to help with body rotation.  This is a simple drill that is very effective.  Take both arms and extend them so that they form a “V” and feel almost rigid.  If you want, start without a club at home.  Start to get the correct feel for moving the body in one piece instead of the arms and body acting independently.  Put your palms together and make a backswing as far back as you can without bending either arm.  Then turn through to the follow-through position, keeping the arms straight once this feels comfortable at home, head to the range.

The Method.

Taking a short club like a Sand or Pitching Wedge, get into the same address position with the arms hyper-extended in front of you and take the club back as far as you can, not allowing the arms to bend.  Now, as quickly as you can, turn your body through the impact area until your body is facing the target and your arms are still hyper-extended in front of you. Do this several times without a ball (everyone is in such a hurry to hit the ball they lose focus), and again, once it feels comfortable, place a ball down and see if you can do this by hitting a ball but without breaking down the “V.” Slowly increase the body speed, constantly noticing how far the ball is going.  If you feel the motion breaking down, go back to a shorter shot.

After at least 30 minutes of doing this drill, you can take the swing to a full motion concentrating on the same amount of body rotation. Don’t expect miracles right away.  This takes time, and I suggest you start each practice session with this rill before you go into full swing.

It might surprise you with how much this will help your distance! 

Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s Fitness Friday.  We cover 5 great exercises to help with a shoulder turn and body rotation!  Every little bit helps!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – The V helps with Rotation – Technical Thursday #71.  Do this, and you’ll hit the ball further!

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