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The Technique for a Restricted Backswing - Trouble Shot Tuesday #76.

The Technique for a Restricted Backswing – Trouble Shot Tuesday #76.

The Technique for a Restricted Backswing – Trouble Shot Tuesday #76.

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How many times have you found yourself up against a tree with a restricted backswing?  Plenty, I’m sure.  If you can execute some backswing, you can advance this ball 30 to 50 yards with a little bit of practice.  I am using a microphone stand I bought at a music store for about $50 plus a noodle (to protect my clubs) to create a restriction to my backswing. Make your own obstacle using your golf bag or something similar.  If you are using your golf bag, swing slowly on the backswing, so you do not put a hole in it!  This is another shot to add to your arsenal of shots learned from the Mel Sole Golf School.

The Technique for a restricted backswing.

Start the backswing until your club touches your golf bag and pause.  Then try to create speed through the ball with your body rotation instead of your arms.  This will take a while to do well, but definitely worth the effort.  In the video, I can hit the ball about 50 yards with the restricted backswing.  I’m sure with more practice. I will get a lot more.   This drill is also great for those of you who struggle with distance.  Once you understand body rotation, you can put this into your full swing and further hit the ball!  You’re welcome!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – The Technique for a Restricted Backswing – Trouble Shot Tuesday #76.

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