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The Line for You and Your Golfing Child.

The Line for You and Your Golfing Child.

The Line for You and Your Golfing Child.

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I recently coached a young boy who played in several U.S. Kids Golf tournaments. U.S. Kids Golf is a terrific organization that helps kids learn golf and builds family interaction. They do a great job of teaching and encouraging the kids, plus they organize age-appropriate competitions for them. These Junior players are mostly wonderful kids and want the chance to play and maybe dream of a golf career like their idols on the Tour.

The parents are a whole different aspect of junior golf competitions. I just read an article posted by jblack for MyLittleGolfers, and I agree with 2 of his 3 directives. Black’s first piece of advice refers to the parent(s) as the teacher(s), and I strongly suggest that the child works with a non-related golf instructor instead of Dad or Mom. In my lengthy teaching career, I’ve seen resentment and tears when the coach is a parent, and I’ve seen success when the coach is a professional instructor with some experience with youngsters.

A Universal Truth… all parents want their children to be successful.

Just returning from a wonderful experience at the US Kids World Golf Championship where thousands of kids from all over the country converged on the historic Pinehurst Resort for the “big tournament” of the year for youth golfers worldwide.  Seeing these children, with their “daddy caddies” walk the courses for 3 days was a cherished moment for building lifelong memories.

The Line.

Inspired to share some observations, I wanted to write a blog around the “learning of competition” for a child.  But as I started writing, I transitioned to “The Line” for parents who have children playing competitive golf.  What I mean by “The Line”… is that point in which a parent crosses where their actions/motivation strategies, etc turns from being constructive to destructive.

First off, The Line is a moving line. 

It is different for each parent–child relationship as well as the timing related to the event.  With respect to competition, The Line moves as a child builds up for the tournament, during the tournament and after the tournament.  My goal is that this blog might highlight to parents to observe The Line, in hopes they don’t sacrifice short term success for the long term loss.

To read more on how to prepare for your child’s tournament, click here.

Source: My Little Golfers  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Aberdeen Proving Ground

Thanks for reading – The Line for You and Your Golfing Child. I hope it was helpful.

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