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TThe Key to Consistent Pitching - Short Game Saturday #80

The Key to Consistent Pitching – Short Game Saturday #80

The Key to Consistent Pitching – Short Game Saturday #80

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Consistent Pitching will lower your golf score quicker than any other shot! So spend more time on your pitching to lower your scores. Not only will you hit more greens inside of 80 yards, but you will have fewer putts if you are putting the ball closer to the hole.

The Method.

Set your weight on your front foot at address.  The stance is slightly open and the hands are level with the lead thigh. The length of the backswing determines how far the shot will go, but the follow-through is the same each time.  Make sure you control the downswing with the body rotation and not the arms and hands.  Get the sensation of turning your chest through to the target as quickly as you can.  This will allow the hands to stay ahead of the clubhead. This, in turn, will prevent hitting the ground before the ball.  

As you go through the impact position, make sure you keep the clubhead on the outside of the hands.  What I mean by that, is do not allow the club to go around your body, but rather stay in front of your torso.  Also, to prevent “flipping” keep the clubface square to the intended line on this shot.  This is different than a full shot when you do want the hands to release the club because the clubhead is traveling much faster.

At the finish of the swing, all of your weight should be on your front foot and the shaft should be vertical to the ground.  Hold that pose and watch the ball cozy up to the hole!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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