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The Importance of Alignment Sticks - Trouble Shot Tuesday #81.

The Importance of Alignment Sticks – Trouble Shot Tuesday #81.

The Importance of Alignment Sticks – Trouble Shot Tuesday #81.

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The answer to the question is very simple.  Very Important!  Alignment sticks should be an integral part of your equipment. You can use them in several ways, and there is no limit on their uses.  You can use them for alignment, obviously, but also ball position.  By setting one alignment stick at 90 degrees to the other you can make sure your ball position is correct.  In golf, there is perception and reality.  Sometimes golfers think they have the ball position in the right place and they really don’t.  With the sticks in place, you are 100% sure that both your alignment and your ball position are 100% correct!

Other Uses.

Use Alignment sticks for checking the clubhead path on the follow-through.  By placing the stick in the ground about 3 feet in front of your lead foot and on the toe line, you can hit balls to make sure you are swinging the club down the target line and not across the ball.

If you have a tendency to straighten the rear leg on the backswing, you can place the stick at an angle and put the one end in the back of the knee of the rear leg.  This will prevent the leg from straightening and allow an easier transition from the backswing to the follow-through.

Place comments below on what uses you have found for your sticks!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – The Importance of Alignment Sticks – Trouble Shot Tuesday #81.

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