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The Flop Shot - Trouble Shot Tuesday #70.

The Flop Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #70.

The Flop Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #70.

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Today we talk about the flop shot.  A last resort shot for the average player is a nice shot to have in your repertoire.  Something you can practice on the range before you try it on the course is a shot worth learning.

Follow along as I talk about the flop shot.  Another shot to add to your short game arsenal from the Mel Sole Golf School!  With Trouble Shot Tuesday #70, we learn to play a high, soft shot that will land and stop very quickly!


The Set-Up is critical to the success of this shot.  The stance is slightly open, and the feet are wide apart.  Why?  Because we need to keep the lower body as still as possible.  This allows the clubhead to pass the hands and add quite a bit of loft to the clubface.  This produces a nice high, soft shot.


Because of the added loft in this shot, you have to swing quite a lot harder!   With the added speed also comes backspin.  So this ball will stop on a dime!  This shot is all body rotation.  Try to get the arms involved, and there will be an inferior result.  Make sure you turn your lead side out of the way as fast as possible.

Once you have mastered this hot, you will be able to play shots that you never believed you could play!  Another short game shot to add to your arsenal of short game shots learned from the Mel Sole Golf School!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – The Flop Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #70.

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