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The “Dual Shaft” drill will help you with timing and power!

Jeff Ritter,  from Golf Channel Academy located at Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, explains a great drill that can help you gain more distance off the tee and with your irons into the green. I’m not sure I would use Jordan Spieth as an example of long hitting as he was T78 on the 2015 Driving Distance Chart. But anyone would  like to PLAY like Jordan!  I like this “Dual Shaft” drill for two reasons. It helps the golfer understand the proper sequence of the backswing, helping them feel the arms moving together with one arm not dominating the other.  And 2, it give a sense of extension on the backswing that few other drills give.  Again, because the arms are moving together and not independently. Make sure that the shafts of the clubs stay the same distance apart at all times.  Your can also use the dual shafts to understand the downswing sequence as well.  Again, don’t let one side out race the other, all the way to the follow-through!  Try the “Dual Shaft” drill out on the range the next time you go to practice!  This is also a drill you can do in your yard at home.

Thanks to Swing by Swing for sharing!

Jeff Ritter explains how Jordan Spieth utilizes a shift, stretch and twist sequence on his backswing to really turn on the power through impact, and hit longer drives.

Source : Swing by Swing  Jeff Ritter

Pictures :  epicstockmedia

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