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The Chest - Fitness Friday #53,

The Chest – Fitness Friday #53.

The Chest – Fitness Friday #53.

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Our Guest today is Fitness Coach to a ton of PGA Tour players, Joey Diovisalvi, or as we know him, “Joey D.”  Joey talks about the chest muscles and how important their role is in the golf swing and shows two great ways to isolate the right ‘feel.’

Here are a couple of  “Chest” exercises that Joey D recommends.

Thoracic Mobility with Ball.

Hold a Swiss ball against a wall and try and move your lower body away from the ball, all the while holding the ball with the trailing arm.  The more you can move the hips around, the bigger the stretch of the peck muscle. The goal is to try and get the belt buckle almost all the way around to the target.

Thoracic Mobility with Resistance Bands.

Hold the resistance band, which is connected to the wall (or door) above chest height.  Get into a “top of the backswing” position.  As you start the downswing motion with the rotation of the body, feel the resistance and extension of the arm, the separation of the upper and lower body, and finally, pulling the arm all the way down to the impact position.

Two great exercises for the pectoral muscles.  Stretching and strengthening.

Source: JoeyDGolf     Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – The Chest – Fitness Friday #53.  An important part of the golf swing!

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