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The Bump and Run - Course Management #19.

The Bump and Run – Course Management #19

The Bump and Run – Course Management #19.

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Golf Video Blog by the Mel Sole Golf School.  

PGA Instructor with the Mel Sole Golf School, David Olberding, will discuss how to hit a punch shot under a tree branch onto the green from 40 yards out.

To play a low shot designed to stay low, land short of the green, and run onto the green is called a bump and run.  The two key decisions are what club to take and where to land the ball.

What club to take?

You want to choose a low lofted club to keep the trajectory down, but because you are attempting to have a forward shaft lean at impact, thus delofting the club, don’t choose a club with too little loft because you might drive the ball into the ground and come up short.  In this video, David has chosen a 7 iron.  With the aforementioned shaft lean, he basically turns the club into a 5 iron.  This will keep the ball low while adding some flight to the ball.

Where to land the ball?

This is really a guesstimate.  Based on experience, David will know where to land the ball and how much it will run.  The golden rule here is not to leave the ball short of the green, leaving another chip.  It is safer to hit this a little harder and make sure the ball finished past the flag.  By practicing this shot on the range now and again, you can also build that experience!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – The Bump and Run – Course Management #19. A handy shot to add to your short game arsenal!

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