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The Best Office Stretches for Golfers - Fitness Friday #103

The Best Office Stretches for Golfers – Fitness Friday #103

The Best Office Stretches for Golfers – Fitness Friday #103

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Here are some great exercises that you can do right at your desk to get your body in shape for the weekend!  Most weekend warriors find it hard to squeeze in regular exercises at the gym.  So Carolina Romero aka The Fit Golfer Girl walks you through some simple exercises here which will help which will prevent injury and spoil your precious weekend time from your golf!

Chest Stretch Behind the Head.

With your hands behind your head push your shoulders back.  Make it more dynamic by opening and closing your arms.

Chest Stretch Behind the Chair.

Put your arms behind the chair, Pull your shoulders back and push your shoulders forward.

Reverse Plank on Desk.

Face away from your desk, arms back and lean away from the table. With your abs engaged, push your shoulders and chest forward.

Lat Stretch Stretch on Desk.

Place your arms on your desk and push back until you are facing down. Bring your arms as close to the ground as close as you can.  Make it more dynamic by moving from side to side to intensify the stretch.

Seated Figure Four Stretch.

Cross your leg over the opposite thigh.  Press down gently for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Wrist Extension Stretch.

Place your palms on the desk with your fingers pointing towards you and your forearms facing out. Intensify the stretch by pushing more of the palm on the desk.  Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

Neck Stretch.

Sit in a chair with your abs and upper back muscles engaged.  Move your head from side to side and up and down and diagonally.  Focus on a deep stretch with each repetition.  Repeat 10 times in each direction.

Seated Thoracic Turns.

Reach for the back of your seat with your opposite arm, making sure your butt is down and your lower back is stable during the stretch. You will feel a nice stretch in your thoracic spine region.  Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

Source:  Carolina Romero,    Fit Golfer Girl,  Mel Sole Golf School.

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