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Best and Worst Golf Songs!

Best and Worst Golf Songs!

Best and Worst Golf Songs! #3 is my Favorite!

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If you are a golfer, you will appreciate the words to some of these songs, as we all want to be “Straight Down the Middle,” “Hit it Hard,” and the humor in Peter Jacobson’s “Love the one you Whiff”  Of course I won’t even mention the Top 5 Worst golf songs, (but you can check them out at the bottom of the page) and hopefully we won’t have to listen to them anytime soon!  Golf songs in this list will not make the hit parade.  Thanks to Josh Sens of GOLF.com for this fun compilation!

Bing Crosby’s enjoyable recording of “Straight Down The Middle” from 31/12/1957. Bing Crosby wrote the song for a short 1948 film called “Honor Caddy” with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. It’s thought that this was the first ever song written about golf.

1. Straight Down the Middle, by Bing Crosby.


2. Hit it Hard, by John Daly.

The man whose very life is a country song has penned some soulful ditties of his own. His best is this hard-driving number.  An unrepentant meditation on mistakes made and moving on. “Most people would have given up by now / All the rough I’ve seen / All the ups and downs.” Lyrics so heartfelt, we forgive Long John the heavy-handed metaphor.

3. Bohemian Golfing Rhapsody, by Nigel Tait.

The Internet is overrun with musical golf parodies.  None more ambitious than this riff on the Queen classic.  Performed by a four-ball of Australian buddies. Seven-plus minutes of rhapsodic harmonizing, and a slickly produced video to boot.

4. Love the One You Whiff, by Jake Trout and the Flounders

Of all the golf-centric spoofs that Peter Jacobsen and his bandmates have released, this catchy track may be the punniest. “You swing / It’s still on that tee / It sure is better than hitting three / And as you stand there, feeling like a stiff, you better, love the one you whiff.” Eat your heart out, Weird Al Yankovic.

5. Stoned Cold Pro, by Gus Van Sant


Somehow, in the midst of making movies, the Oscar-nominated director of Good Will Hunting found time to record an album devoted to the game. His 18 Songs About Golf features exactly that, including this entertaining track about a pro who either drinks a little or drinks a lot, depending on “whether or not someone’s got some pot.”

To check out the 5 Worst Songs about Golf, go here!

Source: Josh SensGOLF.com   Mel Sole Golf School

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Thanks for watching – Best and Worst Golf Songs!  Which are the Best and which are the worst?  According to you!

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