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The benefit of the bump and run shot.

Today is January 30th, 2018 and we present the benefit of the bump and run shot. Trouble Shot Tuesday #73.  A Golf Video Blog with Director of Instruction and Master Professional Mel Sole of the Mel Sole Golf School

What is a bump and run shot?

A bump and run shot is when you land the ball short of the green and let it run on.  You are “bumping” the ball into a slope or the fringe to allow the higher grass the help slow the ball down.  This will usually occur when there is not much green to work with, and a conventional chip (landing the ball on the green) or pitch are not viable options.

The technique of the bump and run shot.

You want to play the bump and run shot with a fairly straight-faced club like a 7 or 8 iron rather than a lob wedge or sand wedge.  This produces a much higher chance of success.  The less loft the smaller the swing, the less margin of error.  Remember, the Golden Rule in chipping is “Fly the ball in the air as little as possible.”  If you use a lofted club, there is a danger of producing some spin which might make the ball stop too soon and finish short of the green.  This will leave you with another shot to play before you get onto the green.

While watching both the PGA Tour and European Tour golf this weekend, I noticed a lot of the younger players using their lob wedges to chip.  Inevitably, they left the ball a long way short of the hole.  With that experience in mind, they would then hit the next chip too hard which resulted in the ball ending up too far past the hole.  Let’s explore a simpler solution!  Learn how to execute the bump and run shot and I guarantee that your ball will end up closer to the hole more often. You will also hit far fewer flubs during your round. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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