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The 5 Shortest Tempers on the PGA Tour.

The 5 Shortest Tempers on the PGA Tour.

The 5 Shortest Tempers on the PGA Tour.

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I have seen my fair share of club throwers and club breakers, and on almost every occasion, the player feels slightly embarrassed after the deed, even if he/she doesn’t act that way!  Losing your temper on the golf course is never pretty, and it never accomplishes a thing! Here is a slideshow of PGA Tour golfers who fit this category.  Henrik Stenson was the one who really surprised me.  He always seems so cool, calm and collected.  I liked his toss, though.  

 of bleacherreport.com compiled these videos for your enjoyment!

If you play golf, you’ve almost certainly teed it up with one guy or gal who frequently becomes unglued. And here’s the thing: Your games of golf don’t matter.

Imagine if that person was, say, missing out on a few hundred grand thanks to a missed putt or losing out on the prospect of collecting a paycheck for the week entirely.

Such is the situation for the PGA Tour’s best. Thus, in a high-stakes, high-tension environment, sometimes these guys needs to let off a little steam in the form or, say, a torrent of expletives or a club tossed with abandon.

Here are five of the PGA Tour’s finest who need to spend some time in timeout.

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Source: ,   bleacherreport.com  Mel Sole Golf School

Picture: Greg Robleto

Thanks for watching – The 5 Shortest Tempers on the PGA Tour.  Don’t do that!

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