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Teaching Juniors Feel - Short Game Saturday #59.

Teaching Juniors Feel – Short Game Saturday #59.

Teaching Juniors Feel – Short Game Saturday #59.

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Today I talk about teaching beginner juniors that thing called “feel.” We all grew up throwing a ball, so first, introduce that, and then once they understand how hard to throw to a flagstick, give them a club and encourage them to do the same thing.  Make it fun!

Introducing a junior to this wonderful game of golf has always been a pleasure in my teaching career.  I know that they will make friends, make business deals on the course later in their lives, and finally, enjoy playing golf with their kids and spouse.  

Teaching feel.

Feel is something that you cannot teach.  But you can develop it.  Teach a junior golfer to toss the ball towards the hole.  Close at first, but getting longer all the time.  Until finally, get them to toss the ball over a bunker and get the ball to stop close to the hole.  Once they get a club in their hands, their subconscious has already been trained, so they will have an easier time getting the ball close to the hole.

Teaching life lessons.

Things like etiquette, on-course behavior, good manners, greeting fellow golfers, shaking hands at the end of the round, and making eye contact with their playing partner are all things that stand a junior golfer in good stead later in life.  It is no accident that junior golfers are better behaved than non-golfers.  Just watch the next time you meet a junior golfer!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Teaching Juniors Feel – Short Game Saturday #59.

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