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Take Advantage of the Teeing Ground - Rules & Etiquette #60.

Take Advantage of the Teeing Ground – Rules & Etiquette #60.

Take Advantage of the Teeing Ground – Rules & Etiquette #60.

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I discuss taking full advantage of the teeing ground.  Allowing yourself both the maximum advantage in the distance and hitting from the correct side of the tee box will help you hit more fairways!

Taking a Distance Advantage.

The size of the tee box is how far the tee markers are apart and two club-lengths back.  To take full advantage, tee up right on the leading edge of the tee box.  Use your driver shaft to see if the ball is within limits.  But tee it up as far forward as possible.  The only time you do not want to do that is on a par 3 where the ground is badly beaten up.  Choose a nice level piece of ground to stand on.

Tee Up on the Side of the Trouble.

Always tee the ball on the same side of the as the trouble.  If there is trouble on the left side, out-of-bounds, water, bunker, etc., tee up on the left side of the tee.  You do not have to stand within the limits of the tee box.  So it is sometimes prudent to tee up on the extreme side of the tee.  If this means standing outside the tee box limits, then go ahead and do that.

Take advantage of both the tee’s front and side to give you the maximum advantage for playing that hole.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Take Advantage of the Teeing Ground – Rules & Etiquette #60.

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