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Swinging the mid irons “On Plane” every time!

Many of the golfers I teach do not really know what “Swing Plane” means or how to accomplish it.  The easiest way for me to describe it can be found in a book I read when I was starting out called “The 5 Modern Fundamentals”  by Ben Hogan.  Hogan demonstrated that when the golf swing moved along that pane of glass on the backswing, and then slightly inside the pane on the downswing, your swing was ‘on plane’. (or on pane, ha ha) This was a great visual aid to me in my early career.

Travis Fulton,  PGA professional describes this slightly differently but ends up with the same result!

PGA Professional Travis Fulton shows you how to correctly begin your backswing so that you stay on plane.

Source : Callaway Golf   Travis Fulton

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