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Staying in the Spine Angle - Technical Thursday #65

Staying in the Spine Angle – Technical Thursday #65.

Staying in the Spine Angle – Technical Thursday #65.

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Understanding how to stay in your spine angle on the backswing makes starting the downswing a whole lot easier.  Here are a couple of drills to get the feel of this.  Enjoy!

Spine Angle on the backswing.

To get the correct feeling of making the proper turn while staying in your spine angle, take a broom handle, golf club, or long dowel stick and place it across your shoulders.  Make sure the stick is pulled back onto your shoulders and not on your neck.  While concentrating on keeping in the spine angle, slowly turn your shoulder to 90 degrees.  If you can get someone to place their hand on your head to keep it steady, this will help tremendously to give you the correct feel.

Spine Angle on the Downswing.

Once you are at the top of the backswing position, start the downswing with the lower body, moving the hips firstly towards the target and then rotating around.  All the while staying at your spine angle.  Again, the use of a friend steadying the head will help tremendously.

If you don’t have someone to assist, stand in front of a mirror to watch your head position to make sure the is no movement.

I hope you enjoyed the article Technical Thursday #65 Spine Angle and good golfing!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thank you for watching – Staying in the Spine Angle – Technical Thursday #65.  

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