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Smooth Shift and Turn - Technical Thursday #54

Smooth Shift and Turn – Technical Thursday #54.

Smooth Shift and Turn – Technical Thursday #54.

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Today David Olberding, lead instructor at the Mel Sole Golf School, talks about not only how to shift and turn when moving your weight from the back foot to the front but shows a drill that will help smooth this movement out and make it a lot more natural.

The very first move of the downswing is a lateral movement of the hips.  This shifts the weight from the back foot to the front foot.  A lot of students find this move very difficult to do.  David Olberding gives a great drill using an alignment stick.

The Drill.

Get in your address position and place an alignment stick in the ground straight up next to your lead side.  Go to the top of the backswing and shift the weight, so the lead hip touches the rod.  Do this several times to understand the move.

Now to smooth it out, start swinging the club back and forth, standing in place but allowing the weight to shift to the back leg and then the front leg in a rhythmical motion.

Place a row of golf balls in front of you.  After four of the rhythmical swings, take a small step forward with each swing and allow the club to strike the ball.  This is a great way to understand the weight shift and body rotation without making it too jerky!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Smooth Shift and Turn – Technical Thursday #54. 

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