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Scrambling - Trouble Shot Tuesday #62.

Scrambling – Trouble Shot Tuesday #62.

Scrambling – Trouble Shot Tuesday #62.

Hi, I’m Mel Sole, Director of Instruction at the Mel Sole Golf School, headquartered at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.  We conduct 1, 2, and 3-day golf schools, hourly golf lessons, and senior golf schools—any golf instruction program your heart desires. Give us a call at 800-624-4653 or 843-237-4993.  We will be happy to book a commuter school or a package that contains accommodations, golf, and golf school.

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This week’s theme is consistency. I encourage you to create an obstacle course where you can practice shots that we often find on the golf course but rarely work on the driving range.  To play consistent golf, work on mastering these trouble shots.  Make it fun, even play against someone and see who is the best “scrambler.”

Being a good scrambler on the golf course can make up for other weaknesses in your game.  Rickie Fowler has made a great career out of being such a good scrambler that even though he is not as long as some guys on the PGA Tour, he has won 9 Professional events and in 2016 reached #4 in the world.

How to practice to be a good scrambler.

Players who realize that they need great short games to compete spend hours working on their short games.  If you have a practice facility that can accommodate an obstacle course, I highly recommend that you do that.  It’s not hard, it takes just a few minutes to set-u, and you can make it really fun as well!

How to Set-Up an Obstacle Course.

I use different colored plastic cups and plastic plates to set up my course.  I will place a plate at each station that I want to play a shot from.  For example, I will use a blue plate in the bunker and a blue cup over a flag’s top.  I have eight flags at my practice facility—a red plate in the wood chips and a red cup on a flag. 

I will set up stations that entail a pitch shot, a bump and run shot, a trajectory control shot, a long putt, a standard chip, and a high lob.  Those eight shots have to be played and putted out each time.  By keeping score, I can see whether I am improving or not.  By looking at the various stations over a long time period, I can also see which areas I’m weaker at and which I am stronger at.  Obviously, I practice my weaker shots the most until they are equal to my stronger shots.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Scrambling – Trouble Shot Tuesday #62.  These are great shots to practice.  They will make you a great scrambler.

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