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Rules to Live By - Rules & Etiquette #69.

Rules to Live By – Rules & Etiquette #69.

Rules to Live By – Rules & Etiquette #69.

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Today I discuss the Royal and Ancient and the USGA rules, but rules to live by on the golf course for everyone!  Enjoy!

Always be on time.

It drives me crazy when people are late for a tee time.  It shows so much disrespect to the people they are playing with and the golf course staff!

Dress Code.

It is not hard to dress like a golfer.  Tank tops and blue jeans have no place on the golf course.  Even Ben Hogan used to say he played better when he felt well dressed.  It shows pride in yourself.

Keep up with the Pace of  Play.

Be aware of the group in front of you.  If you are starting to fall behind, pick up the pace.  It is showing courtesy to the players behind you.

Play Ready Golf.

This ties in with the pace of play.  If your partner or fellow golfer is looking for their ball off in the rough and you are near your ball, play your shot first, and then go over and help them look for their ball.

Take one practice swing.

You won’t play any better than having more than one practice swing.  A recent study said that even on the PGA Tour, players who played faster played better!

If you are a high handicap, don’t keep score.

When you are learning the game, it is important to go out on the course.  However, there are other players on the course as well.  So after you have played your 7th shot, pick up and move on.

Play with better players.

Seek out better players and ask if you can play with them.  You can learn by watching and asking. How else are you going to get better?

Bunker Shots.

My father made me do this when I was a beginner, and I’m grateful to this day.  After one shot, if you are a beginner, pick up the ball and toss it on the green.  As you improve, you will be able to get out in one shot.

Practice regularly.

When you are learning, spend as much time practicing as playing.

Take Lessons.

Golf is hard enough.  You don’t need to struggle along on your own.  Take some expert advice, so your practice sessions are more fruitful.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Rules to Live By – Rules & Etiquette #69.

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