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Roll 3 shots into 2 - Short Game Saturday #40.

Roll 3 shots into 2 – Short Game Saturday #40.

Roll 3 shots into 2 – Short Game Saturday #40.

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Today we talk about a slightly longer chip, where amateur golfers tend to fail.  The problem is the ability to carry the ball in the air at the correct distance.  “Feel” is something you need to develop.  Nobody can teach you feel. 

The Golden Rule in chipping is “Fly the ball in the air as little as possible and roll the ball as much as possible.” So, every chip aims to land the ball about 3 to 4 feet onto the green and let it roll the rest of the way.

So the big key to being a good chipper is the ability to fly the ball in the air precisely every time.  This is a skill you can practice at home as well as at the chipping green.  If the landing spot is key, you don’t need a green or golf course. 

You can practice in your yard by placing a tee on the ground and practice landing the ball on the tee.  Practice from different distances and use different clubs to “develop” feel.  Constant repetition is the answer here. 

Watch young kids playing basketball.  They can stand for hours and hours shooting hoops until they become brilliant in putting it through the hoop almost every time.  Why?  Because they are having fun!  So make your practice fun.  Set yourself a goal of landing the ball on the spot 5 times out of 10.  Then once you can do that, up it to 6 and so on.  Once you can get to 10 out of 10, increase the number of balls to 20.  You won’t be sorry!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Roll 3 shots into 2 – Short Game Saturday #40.  This will change your game!

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