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Red White and Blue Stakes - Rules & Etiquette #78..

Red White and Blue Stakes – Rules & Etiquette #78.

Red White and Blue Stakes – Rules & Etiquette #78.

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Red (or Yellow) Stakes.

Most golfers know that a red stake denotes a lateral hazard and a yellow stake denotes a hazard.  Many golfers don’t know that they’re both movable obstructions, and you can move them if they interfere with your stance or stroke. Of course, once you have played your stroke, please replace the stake.

Blue Stake.

A lot of golfers are not aware of what a blue stake is.  A blue stake denotes a waste bunker and is also a movable obstruction.  You are allowed to ground the club, and you may have a practice swing hitting the sand.  You may also remove a blue stake if it interferes with your stance or stroke, whether you are standing in the bunker or not. Replace once you have played your stroke.

White Stake.

A white stake denotes out of bounds.  This can be the boundary of the course, or sometimes a course may have an out of bounds internally, particularly in a course that has homes on it.  A white stake is an immovable obstruction and may not be moved under any circumstance.  If you accidentally move a white stake, it is a one-shot penalty, and you must replace the stake before you play your shot.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Even if you accidentally move a white stake but replace it before you play you stoke, there is still a one-shot penalty. Cruel, I know!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Red White and Blue Stakes – Rules & Etiquette #78.  Now you know!

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