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Poor Decisions Cost - Course Management #45.

Poor Decisions Cost – Course Management #45.

Poor Decisions Cost – Course Management #45.

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Today, we discuss two poor course management decisions made during both the Scottish Open by Callum Shinkwin and Hye-Jin Choi during the Ladies US Open Championship.  These poor course management decisions cost both of them a shot at the title.  Don’t let poor decisions ruin your game.

Adam Shinkwin.

These two rookie errors are something you can learn from.  Adam Shinkwin came to the last hole of the Scottish Open with a one-shot lead.  It was a par 5.  All he had to do was make a 5 for his first PGA Tour victory.  He hit a driver off the tee.  Unfortunately, he hit a great shot.  I say unfortunately because he then decided to go for the green.  A simple 5 iron lay-up would have left him with a very short pitch to the green, most probably from the middle of the fairway.  A pitch and 2 putts give him victory.  Instead, he puls the ball left of the green, draws a poor lie behind the bunker, hits a poor pitch that barely makes the green, and proceeds to three-putt from 50 feet for a 6. He loses the playoff!

Hye-Jin Choi.

Hye-Jin Choi is a Korean player that has also never won.  She arrives at the 70th hole with a one-stroke lead—par 3 with water on the right.  The flag was also on the right.  I’ve always said, and great course management strategy is always to ask yourself the question, “Where do I NOT want to go?”  In her case, that was at the flag!  But that is what she did!  She pushed it slightly (due to pressure) and hit it in the water to make a double bogey.  End of story!

These two errors reminded me of Jean van der veld, who can to the last hole of the IOpen Championship with a 3 stroke lead and blew it!

Learn from these errors and think your way through every shot if you are close to victory!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Poor Decisions Cost – Course Management #45.  This is so important.

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