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The Pitchip - Short Game Saturday #57.

The Pitchip – Short Game Saturday #57.

The Pitchip – Short Game Saturday #57.

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David Olberding, the lead instructor at the Mel Sole Golf School, talks about not a chip, not a pitch, but a hybrid of the two.  We call it the pitchip.  Channeling Steve Stricker, David gives some great advice on the soft chip shot from around 20 yards.  

The Set-Up.

The set-up is also a cross between a pitch shot where the set-up is mostly on the front foot.  In this shot, the weight is only slightly on the front foot.  There is also a very slight forward shaft lean like a chip.

The Technique.

Normally, there is no wrist hinge on a chip’s backswing and quite a lot of wrist hinge on a pitch. This shot requires a slight wrist hinge on the backswing and no rehinging on the follow-through.  Ala Steve Stricker.

The Result.

The result is a shot that is not as high as a pitch and not as low as a chip.  Using a Sand Wedge or Gap Wedge, this shot will hit the green and roll out about 10 to 15 feet.  A handy shot to play when you have a shot over a bunker to a pin all the way on the back of the green.

Thanks for watching The Pitchip – Short Game Saturday #57. Another shot to add to your short game arsenal learned at the Mel Sole Golf School.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – The Pitchip – Short Game Saturday #57.

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