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Pitch Marks - Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #64

Pitch Marks – Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #64

Pitch Marks – Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #64

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Two more important etiquette rules around the green.  Repairing a pitch mark and where to park your golf cart. Follow along as I talk about 2 important etiquette procedures that make the game more pleasurable for all.

Repairing Pitch Marks.

Having watched several videos on how to repair a pitch mark on a green, including one put out by the USGA.  Disagree with all of them.  I have been a golf professional for over 50 years.  I have repaired a whole lot more pitch marks than any of the USGA Committee.  In the video, you can see that my way minimizes the trauma to the grass. (the USGA recommends pushing the pitch mark repair tool at least three of four times into the green. Very traumatic to the grass.)  I lift the healthy grass to fill the hole in one smooth motion and after I have tapped down the pitch mark, there is almost no evidence that there was even a pitch mark there!  Smooth putting surface restored immediately!

Positioning the Golf Cart Around the Green.

ALWAYS park your cart in the area that you would walk off to the next tee. Most times that is going to be at the rear of the green.  Not only does this speed up play (how many times have you waited for people to put their clubs away in their bag before riding off to the next tee?  By walking towards the rear of the green there is also a lot less chance of being hit by an incoming ball that is offline.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching Pitch Marks – Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #64  I hope you repair your pitch marks!

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