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Thanks for watching Never 3 Putt - Short Game Saturday #62  I hope this makes a big difference in your putting!  It did for mine.

Never 3 Putt – Short Game Saturday #62

Never 3 Putt – Short Game Saturday #62

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 I give my two favorite putting drills to make both long and short putts more consistent.  Follow along and learn how to never 3 putt again for the rest of your life.  I proved this theory in 2013 when I did this drill every day for 10 to `15 minutes.  In the 42 rounds of golf I played in 2013, I never had a 3 putt!

Long Putt Drill.

Take about 24 balls and place them about 25 to 30 feet away from a hole on the practice putting green.  Place your putter behind the ball, look at the hole, and hit the putt.  Your eyes are looking at the hole and not the ball.  If you hit the first putt too soft, hit the next one slightly harder.  If you hit the second putt too hard, hit the next one harder than the first one and softer than the second one.  Each putt is an adjustment to the previous putt.

The Principal.

The principal I use here is the same principle as a basketball player shooting hoops.  He looks at the hoop and shoots.  If the shot was too hard, the next one is softer.  he will continue practicing shooting hops from different distances until he has trained his subconscious to know exactly how hard to shoot.  When he is playing in a game, he gets the ball, looks, and shoots.  No thought as to how hard to shoot.  I am training my subconscious on the putting green the same way.

Ideally, I want to practice with the same balls I play with. Each time before I go and play, I head to the putting green and for just 3 or 4 minutes, I hit long putts looking at the hole.  Because each course has different speed greens, this sets my feel for that day on that course.

Short Putt Drill.

Take about 6 balls and start about 4 or 5 feet from the hole.  Your goal is to sink as many putts in a row as possible.  However, you are going to play a game against yourself.  Put 2 tees in the ground.  One 12″ past the hole and another 18″ past the hole.  You are going to score points for each putt that you hit.

If you leave the putt short, -20 points.  Sink the putt +10 points.  Leave the putt past the hole but short of the 12″ tee -5 points.  Leave the ball past the 18″ tee -10 points.  If the ball finishes past the 12″ tee but short of the 18″ tee, zero points.  This game teaches you how to work on speed and direction at the same time.  Practice for about 10 to 15 minutes the first time you do this.  Each time after that, you have to beat your total from the previous time!

You can turn this into a game with friends, your spouse, or your kids.  They are working on becoming a good putter, but think they are playing a game.  What fun!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching Never 3 Putt – Short Game Saturday #62  I hope this makes a big difference in your putting!  It did for mine.

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