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Marking Your Ball - Rules & Etiquette #67.

Marking Your Ball – Rules & Etiquette #67.

Marking Your Ball – Rules & Etiquette #67.

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Today I talk about marking the ball on the putting green and changing the rules re Viewer call.  I explain right here!

Viewer Call-In.

As of January 1, 2018, viewers can no longer call in to influence player penalties.  If the people in their group did not see an infraction, then no infraction will be assessed.  I like this rule because Lexi Thompson was recently robbed of a Major Championship title, not because the viewer called in but that the LPGA, in their wisdom, assessed her 4 penalty shots.  2 for the infraction, which took place the day before, but another 2 for signing an incorrect scorecard.  Only the LPGA could not see their error.  How can a player who is oblivious that they had an infraction receive a penalty for signing a scorecard that did not reflect that infraction!  Crazy! The PGA Tour, The USGA, and the LPGA have certainly made some really dumb rules decisions recently!

Marking the ball on the putting surface.

I don’t know why marking a ball on the putting surface can be so complicated, but apparently, it is. This is the very rule that Lexi Thompson received a penalty for.  Apparently, a viewer seeing Lexi did not replace her ball EXACTLY where it had been but was maybe a millimeter off.  The viewer called in, and the whole debacle started.

It’s quite simple.  Place your marker or coin slightly behind the ball, not right up against it or far away from it but just behind it. If you mark it too close, you may move the ball as you place the marker, or you may move the ball as you lift the marker.  In both instances, there is a penalty for moving a ball at rest.  When you lift your marker, only lift it once you know you are ready to putt.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Marking Your Ball – Rules & Etiquette #67.

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