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Life Lessons you can learn playing golf.

Life Lessons you can learn playing golf.

Life Lessons you can learn playing golf.

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Golf is a sport that teaches one not only how to be a good golfer but how to be a decent human being.  I feel golf is the only sport where golf professionals will help each other and are pleased to see their fellow competitors play well. 

Could you ever imagine Kobie Bryant stepping onto a court and giving LeBron James some tips on how to improve his jump shot?  I don’t think so.  Yet, recently, Steve Stricker helped Tiger Woods with his putting just before the first round of a tournament.  Tiger went on to win, putting really well.  And who did he beat by one shot – you guessed it, Steve Stricker.  And yet, when asked whether he was sorry he had helped Tiger, he said, “No, Tiger has helped me many times with my full swing, so it was an honor to help him with his short game!” 

Folks, teach your children to play golf, and they will grow up to be ladies and gentlemen!  Here Jules Paton writing for golfersjewels.com, talks about learning “Life’s Lessons” on the course.

Golf is the closest game to the game we call life.

You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies. -Bobby Jones

Here are some of the life lessons you can get from playing golf.

1. Don’t dwell on a bad shot.

A bad shot or two will not ruin a round of golf. We all make mistakes. So, learn to forgive yourself and move on.

If you beat yourself every time you screw up, you might not find the courage to keep trying later on because you’re too scared that you will fail. Learn to laugh at your bad shots and try again.

2. Focus.

Golf requires an amazing amount of concentration. Focus on what you need if you want to do well in the game. 

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Source : http://www.golfersjewels.com   Jules Paton  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures : http://www.golfersjewels.com symphony of love

Thanks for reading – Life Lessons you can learn playing golf.

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