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Know your Yardages - Course Management #32

Know your Yardages – Course Management #32.

Know your Yardages – Course Management #32.

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One of the biggest weaknesses in most amateurs games is not knowing how far they hit each club.  To hit greens in regulation, you need to know exactly how far you hit each club in your bag.  Particularly if you are hitting over a water hazard or large bunker. You need to know how far you carry your club in the air.  Air time is the most critical  Total yardage will depend on how firm or soft the green surface is.  Another detail you should know before you tee off.  Putting green is usually a good indicator of how soft or firm the golf course greens will be.  Put that in your memory bank to use on the course later.

The Weather Factor.

Weather is another factor that will influence ball flight, so consider that as well.  On a hot day, the ball will fly further, and on a cold day, it will fly shorter.  When playing on a cold day, it is a good idea to keep one ball in your pocket and rotate then on alternate holes.  That way, you are always playing with a warmer ball.

Of course, things like wind, elevation, and the ball’s lie are other factors influencing ball distance!

Knowing how far you hit the ball in the air, how far it is going to roll, and considering all the weather factors will improve your chances of scoring well! 

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Know your Yardages – Course Management #32. Choosing the right club for the situation takes some practice and some trial and error!

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