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Know when to Lift, Clean and Place!

Know when to Lift, Clean and Place!

Today is January 17th, 2018, and we present Know when to Lift, Clean and Place! Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #71.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf Schools headquartered at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC. 

Know when to Lift, Clean and Place!

Lift, clean and place is a common local rule introduced when the course is not in the best shape.  There are times you can lift without penalty and times you are penalized.  Find out which is which!

The big key as to Know when to Lift, Clean and Place! is whether you are through the green or in the rough.  “Through the green” means on any “closely mown area”  which will usually include the fairway, fringe and green.  If you are in the fairway and the course has posted a local rule allowing you to lift clean and place, they will also usually give you a distance you can move your ball (not nearer the hole). That distance can be from 6 inches to two club lengths.

The Procedure.

Before lifting your ball, if you are “through the green,” you must first mark the location with a tee or a coin.  Then go ahead and clean your ball.  You may replace your ball within the designated area and go ahead and play your shot.

When you are in the rough, you do not qualify for lift, clean and place.  The ball must be played as it lies.  If the ball is embedded you must either play it or refer further to the local rules to see if an embedded rule applies.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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