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Kids and Course Behavior - Rules & Etiquette #59

Kids and Course Behavior – Rules & Etiquette #59

Kids and Course Behavior – Rules & Etiquette #59

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Today I talk about teaching your kids or grandkids how to react on the course.  When they have been assessed a penalty, let them know how to handle this situation.  There is definitely a right way and a wrong way.

How not to behave.

Temper tantrums, slamming or throwing clubs and swearing are forbidden behaviors in my book.  Make the child leave the course and have a discussion later on his behavior. Do NOT try and discuss at the course or in front of his friends.  Just one on one at home to see the error of his ways.  Impress how good behavior will be the only way he will return to the golf course!

How to Handle a Rules infraction Correctly.

Rules infractions happen accidentally most of the time.  In all my years as a golf professional, I have only come across two people whom I have caught cheating outright.  I dropped them as friends instantly.  Not the type of person you want to play golf with.  Constantly watching them in case they cheated again.  With so many honest golfers, why bother.  But when a rules infraction happens, tell your kids to IMMEDIATELY thank the person for pointing out the infraction, accept the penalty with genuine humility, and move on.  

If you do not agree with the penalty, you should always have a rules book or the USGA Rules app on your phone to check the ruling.  If the ruling is incorrect, allow your child to point out the rule in the rule book as humbly as possible and say “I’m sorry, but I do not agree, and rule so-and-so- section – says that this is the correct ruling.  Sometimes, if there is still a disagreement, teach your child to play two balls and say that they will check with the rules committee or pro when they return to the clubhouse.  This is always the best way, and the ruling by the committee is final!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School 

Thanks for watching Kids and Course Behavior – Rules & Etiquette #59

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Thanks for watching Kids and Course Behavior – Rules & Etiquette #59   I hope you can guide your kids or grandkids correctly through this video.


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