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Junior Fitness - Fitness Friday #59

Junior Fitness – Fitness Friday #59

Junior Fitness – Fitness Friday #59  Not much attention is paid to this subject.  I think that is a mistake for any junior wanting to play competitive golf.

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 To continue with our junior golf theme for the week our guest Matt Scott provides fun dissociation exercises for junior golfers.  These drills are not only for golf.  If your child does any type of competitive sport, these will help tremendously!

Plank Position.  Upper Body Disassociation.

Get into a plank position with the feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart.  Raise one arm vertically until the arm is pointing straight up to the ceiling. Come back down and to the other arm.  Alternate for 10 reps.

American Football Hip Disassociation.

Get into a position with arms in front and moving the feet rapidly up and down.  Twist the hips to one side and then the other without moving the chest.  The chest faces forward at all times.  20 reps.

Mountain Climbers.

Get into a plank position and drive the right knee toward the left shoulder as much as you can.  Alternate left and the right knee to the opposite shoulder.  20 reps.

Flex-Band around the knees. Shoulder Turns.

Place a rubber flex band around the knees.  Place the arms across the chest.  Again, with feet shoulder-width apart, move the feet rapidly up and down while turning the shoulders to the left and then to the right.  Alternate backswing turn and follow-through turn.  20 reps.

Flex-Band around the knees. Tennis Ball Bounce.

Same position as the previous exercise but now with a tennis ball in the hand.  Twist and bounce the tennis ball behind you.  Alternate both left and right turns as rapidly as possible.  20 reps.

A great glute, core, and cardio workout, not only for juniors but for dad as well!


Source: Matt Scott    Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching Junior Fitness – Fitness Friday #59  Get your kid excited about this wonderful game!

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