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Jordan Spieth's 5 Keys to Driving Success!

Jordan Spieth’s 5 Keys to Driving Success!

Jordan Spieth’s 5 Keys to Driving Success!

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Jordan Spieth is the hottest player on the planet right now and holds the #1 World ranking for a reason.  He has a great all round game! What can you learn from Jordan’s game?  Here along with Golf Digest explains his 5 driving techniques that help him hit more fairways.  Maybe this can help you too!

Jordan Spieth walks down the fairway with Jake Owen.

Jordan Spieth walks down the fairway with Jake Owen.

There’s a lot going on in the split second it takes for the club to move from behind your head down to the ball. So much that you really can’t pinpoint any one element as being the most important. When my coach, Cameron McCormick, and I are fine-tuning my swing, we like to make sure I’m moving through certain positions during the downswing. Here’s what we see and like in this photo from the PGA Championship last summer at Whistling Straits. —With Ron Kaspriske


From the start of the downswing, my left hip is turning behind my torso. It’s most noticeable at impact, and it signifies that my lower-body rotation is leading the way to the ball. What you don’t want to see is the lead shoulder directly above the lead hip as you swing down. That’s a classic sign that the club is coming from outside the target line—and the ball’s going to slice.


Shifting toward the target on the downswing is critical, but not to be overlooked is what my feet reveal here. The toes of my left foot have rolled off the ground, proving that my weight has moved into my left heel. That allows me to straighten my lead leg so I can pivot my body and swing around that leg like a post. On the other side, the heel of my right foot is off the ground. That shows I’m pushing through for extra leverage into the ball.

To see the rest of Jordan Spieth’s Driving Keys, go here!

Source: Golf Digest     Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures:    Erik Charlton

Thanks for reading Jordan Spieth’s 5 Keys to Driving Success!  I hope even 1 will work for you!

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