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Is there a Chicken Wing in putting - Short Game Saturday #75

Is there a Chicken Wing in putting – Short Game Saturday #75

Is there a Chicken Wing in putting – Short Game Saturday #75

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I had mentioned in my Monday Rewind #73 that I was going to talk about Dylan Fritelli’s putting stroke.  I noticed while watching the Maybank Championship on the European Tour, that Dylan was cutting across the ball with his putting stroke.  The cause of this was a slight breaking (or bending) of his lead arm as he made a stroke.  In golf, we call that a chicken wing.  A chicken wing is more common in the full swing, but from time to time I see this in a student’s putting stroke. The breakdown causes the body to “drag” the putter-face across the ball putting side-spin on the ball.  This will cause the ball to veer off-line almost as soon as it leaves the putter face.

You need a second pair of eyes to help you determine if you have this flaw in your putting stroke.  Get a friend, spouse or your local teaching pro to check your putting stroke while you play.

The Chicken Wing Correction.

Place an alignment stick just in front of your lead arm.  Make sure your elbow hits the stick, you will then keep your stroke on line. Notice as you make your stroke that if the elbow moves towards the target, the putter face stays nice and square to the intended line. This is the perfect drill to get rid of the lead arm breaking down through the putting stroke.  If your elbow of your lead arm is not touching the alignment stick, keep working on this until you can do this with your eyes closed. This is another drill that you can do either at home on your carpet or on the putting green at your home course.

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