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Is Stretching Hurting Your Game - Fitness Friday #66

Is Stretching Hurting Your Game – Fitness Friday #66

Is Stretching Hurting Your Game – Fitness Friday #66

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Today we learn whether stretching is good for our golf game or not!  Let our guest Carolina Romero show you the myths and truths about stretching, based on modern scientific studies.  Whatever sport or activity you do, the question today is should you stretch before, during, and after exercise, golf, or workouts.  There are two types of stretching.

Static Stretching.

Static stretching is when you get into a stretch position and just hold it.  Most studies agree that Static Stretching can be detrimental to your performance. If you do static stretches before a round of golf or whatever sport you participate in, you may want to reassess your stretching options, like Dynamic Stretching.

Not all static stretching is bad!  Research has shown that there is a time and place for beneficial static stretching.  After your workout!  Yes, once you have taken your body through a extensive range of mation with dynamic stretching, you can then ramp up the elasticity of your muscles by doing some static stretching.

Dynamic Stretching.

Dynamic stretching is taking a muscle (or group of muscles) and taking them through their entire range of motion.  You warm-up should always consist of dynamic stretches while the muscles are still cold.  This will warm up the muscles with the least amount of damage to them.

So our starting question Fitness Friday #66 Stretching? has now been answered.  Dynamic stretching first and Static Stretching after.  Good Golfing!

Source: Top Speed Golf     Mel Sole Golf School.

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