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Is Golf an Extreme Sport?

Is Golf an Extreme Sport?

Is Golf an Extreme Sport?  With Go Pro, it is!

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Go Pro Camera!

For extreme sports enthusiasts and also golfers, one of the best inventions yet is the Go-Pro camera.  This 2.6-ounce waterproof video camera is now the top-selling camera worldwide. It can be attached to your hat, your clubs, etc., and capture exactly what it sees.  Sometimes the results can be amazing!

Get a Go pro and get a new perspective.

Golfers can get views of many more details in their swing, more than ever before. They will know if they are achieving the correct motions and positions prescribed by their golf instructor or not. Get a Go-Pro and get a new perspective!  Thanks to Luke Kerr-Dineen for his story at golfdigest.com.

Last summer, Dave Phillips, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, Calif., set a video camera down in a bunker as if it were a golf ball and hit it into the cup on the fly, capturing every dizzying moment from the ball’s perspective. The 44-second video, which you can watch on YouTube, is one mesmerizing example of how cool golf can be from the right view. Helping to make this happen is a 2.6-ounce gadget called GoPro.


Nick Woodman, founder of Go Pro!

Not being able to capture photographs of himself and his friends surfing was frustrating.  Nick Woodman founded a company in 2002 to develop a small, waterproof video camera.  It had to be durable, user-friendly and could get up close and personal to just about any event.

Does it ever. It’s now the best-selling camera in the world, and GoPro is a billion-dollar company. The newest model—HERO3+—was released in 2013 and retails for $400.

To read more about this amazing camera, click here.

Source: Luke Kerr Dineen   Golf Digest   http://www.back9network.com/  Mel Sole Golf School

Picture: Tom Hart | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Thanks for reading – Is Golf an Extreme Sport?  I guess it is!

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