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Introducing Battle Ropes - Technical Thursday #77.

Introducing Battle Ropes – Technical Thursday #77.

Introducing Battle Ropes – Technical Thursday #77.

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If you are looking for Low Impact.  Full Body Workout.  Great Cardio. Great for Intervals.  Cheap and Portable. Safe for all ages and Fitness Levels.  You have found the answer right here.  Introducing Battle Ropes! Today, our host Carolina Romero of FitGolferGirl.com walks us through some awesome battle rope exercises. These not only improve your health but make you an overall ultra-fit person and increases your longevity.

The Exercises.

  1. Battle Rope Waves. (Alternating Arms.) Increases upper body strength.
  2. Kneeling Battle Rope Waves.  Increases Core strength as well as upper body.
  3. Alternating Half Kneeling.  Core and upper leg strength.
  4. Battle Rope Slams.  This will increase Cardio Vascular endurance and will engage every muscle in your body!
  5. Battle Rope Slams in a kneeling and half-kneeling position.  Don’t forget to do both sides.
  6. Dissociation Turns.  So important for those of you looking for a better body rotation.
  7. Battle Rope Snaps.  Looking for more hip speed?  This is the one!
  8. One-Armed Battle Rope Snaps.  You have got to be strong for these! Again – both sides!
  9. Side to Side Battle Rope Slams. Power generation and lower body stability.
  10. Side to Side Battle Rope Slams in a Kneeling and Half Kneeling Position.  Phew!

There you have it—what a great all-around workout.  I cannot wait to get started.  Combine these with a TRX workout – covered next week – and you will be well on your way to a better and healthier life.  Not to mention a stronger golf swing!

Source: Carolina Romero   Fit Golfer Girl   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Introducing Battle Ropes – Technical Thursday #77.

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