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Increase Hip Speed and Rotation!

Increase Hip Speed and Rotation!

Increase Hip Speed and Rotation!

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Hip Speed and Rotation are the hottest topics in my golf school, and what students don’t realize, they go hand in glove!  One cannot work without the other.  Follow along with , Golf Digest‘s fitness editor, as he puts. 

As , Golf Digest‘s fitness editor, explains that distance is directly related to the speed and solidness of strikes.  To do this exercise, you need a Swiss ball. (who doesn’t have one of those.) The secret here is to start slow both in speed and in reps. Then, over time (I’m talking weeks to months), you want to increase the speed at which you do this and the number of reps.  Thanks to Ron and Golf Digest for sharing this invaluable video to help our golf games!

Physio Ball Plank with Hip Rotation.

Using a physioball with your forearms on the ball, get into a plank position.  Make sure the body is nice and straight. Next, lift one knee and move it under the body as far as you can go.  Return to starting position.  Now do the other side.

2 Sets of 10 Rotations.  As you get better at this, add some speed to add a cardio element to this exercise.

Resistance Band with Medicine ball.

Stand in your golf posture with a resistance band around your ankles and hold a medicine ball with both hands.  Start going to the top of your backswing, but before you get there, start to step forward with your lead leg and then swing through.  After you get comfortable with this move, start throwing the ball to a friend to increase the speed.  Do both sides.  2 sets of 10 reps.


Picture : CoachClub
Thanks for watching – Increase Hip Speed and Rotation!  Get off the couch and do these!

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